9 E-Commerce Email Segments Every Klaviyo Account NEEDS

March 29, 2023

As an e-commerce business, email marketing can be a powerful tool for generating sales and building customer loyalty. Klaviyo is a popular email marketing platform used by many e-commerce businesses to create effective email campaigns. To get the most out of Klaviyo, it's important to segment your email list to send targeted messages to specific groups of customers. Here are 9 e-commerce email segments every Klaviyo account needs:

1. Engaged Segment

This segment is the most common in email accounts because it tends to be the highest performing segment. After changes with iOS15 we've added both email metrics and on-site metrics like active on site, viewed product, added to cart, placed order, etc.

You can also switch all the options over from "at least once" to "zero times" and voila, you have an unengaged segment.

Engaged Segment - 30 Days

2. Purchase Segment

This is a great segment for performance and creating a personalized experience for people at a specific level of your customer journey.

Purchaser Segment - All Time

3. Non-Purchase Segment

This is a great segment for getting all non-customers across the line and educating the consumer, addressing objections, and offering discounts without hurting margins.

Non-Purchasers Segment - All Time

4. Window Shopper Segment

The Window Shopper segment will be a much smaller audience but will provide a hyper-specific group of people at a very clear point in the customer journey. Similar to the above segment, we find educating the consumer, addressing objections, and offering discounts works best with this segment.

Window Shoppers Segment - All Time

5. Bounce Emails Segment

We'll use this segment to exclude from most campaigns to improve deliverability metrics.

We use rules that include both emails that have bounced 5+ times as well as emails that have bounced 3+ times in the last 30 days. 

We have a higher sending volume here so you may want to lower this depending on your list size and sending volume.

Bounced Emails - 5+ Times

6. Full List Segment

Basically just a list of ALL emails you have currently that aren't suppressed.

We'll use this segment to find TOTAL list size and once a year or once a quarter send our biggest discounts of the year or big new releases.

This WILL affect deliverability to some degree, but sending to this audience every so often gives your audience a chance to make it back to the engaged segments.

Full List Segment - Emails

7. Lapsed Customers/Winback Segment

These are people who have bought before, but haven't purchased recently. This allows you to optimize customer LTV by giving lapsed cusotmers a chance to re-engage.

I get mixed results from account to account and obviously works best for multi-SKU stores but sometimes people just need to be reminded about you and your product.

Lapsed Customer/Winback Segment - 90 Days

8. Received Emails Segment

Anyone who has received an email in the last 30 days. Depending on what type of email you're sending, this can either be a group of people who you know are engaged if you only send to engaged segments or are new to the list and have recently been in your flows.

You can also use this segment to exclude from campaigns to build an "unengaged" segment to send too.

Received Emails Segment - 30 Days

9. Sunsetting Segment

Lastly, This is a segment we'll use to exclude from campaigns as well as clean once a quarter and suppress the profiles in this segment (DO NOT DELETE THEM)

This segment is all the people who have ben on the list for a set amount of time, received emails a set number of times, and have not engaged.

This is should be the MOST unengaged list possible. Avoid sending emails to this list at ALL COSTS. Save these profiles for the sunsetting flow and let that do it's job.

Sunsetting Segment

Implementing all of these segments will give you a well rounded account and give you the ability to diversify your sends, tailor your messaging, and optimize your deliverability.

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