Klaviyo Email Automation: The 7 Flows Every Account Needs

March 17, 2024

Email marketing automation is a powerful tool for e-commerce brands, enabling personalized and timely engagement with customers at scale. Klaviyo, a leading email marketing platform, has some of the most robust capabilities when it comes to driving sales and building customer loyalty. Today, we'll dive into the seven essential Klaviyo email flows that every e-commerce account should implement TODAY if you haven't already (plus an honorable mention for consumable product brands)

1. Welcome Flow

First impressions count. This is your brands' chance to roll out the red carpet. This is the introduction flow for new subscribes to your list, so typically we'll use this to introduce the customer to the brand, your mission, and what makes you unique from competitors and competition (yes, there's a difference). This flow can vary in the number of total emails but this is your first date, and your chance to make the right impression (sweats virtually)

2. Abandoned Checkout Flow

Timing is everything. This one's for reaching out to people who were super close to buying something and made it to checkout, but decided not to pull the trigger. Maybe they got distracted, or maybe they just needed a little nudge. Send them a quick note reminding them what they were looking at, send them reasons why they might choose you over competitors (in case their searching around), and maybe offer something sweet, like free shipping or a discount, to help them make up their mind.

3. Cart Abandonment Flow

Carts need love too, Craig. Similar to checkout, except this flow is triggered by people simply adding product to their cart, as compared to making to all the way to checkout. You can use this as a duplicate of the checkout flow if you have limited resources but often times we'll consider who might be lower in the funnel here and show them different elements like FAQ's etc as well as testing offers here (e.g. free shipping vs 10%, 10% vs 15%, etc)

4. Browse Abandonment Flow

Made you look. This flow catches the window shoppers. Those looking at products but never adding to cart or checking out. Here's we'll typically see short, direct emails focused on the items they were looking at and with some clients, based on their brands' unique considerations, an offer.

5. Post-Purchase Flow

Right after a purchase, emotions are high. You can help them ride that high or fear letting buyers remorse set in. Now's your chance to make them feel really good about their purchase. Send them a "thank you" email, let them know when their stuff is on the way, give them tips on how to use what they bought, and try to provide value to reassure them you're the right choice over the others. It's also a great time to suggest other things they might like based on what they just bought.

6. Sunset Flow

Not everyone stays interested forever. If someone hasn't opened your emails in a while, the sunset flow is your way of checking in. It's like saying, "Hey, we miss you. Want to see some cool stuff?" If they're still not interested, it's okay to let them go. Keeping your email list clean is good for everyone.

7. Winback Flow

Reduce client churn with a Winback flow. This is for reaching back out to people who bought something a long time ago, but haven't been back since. Maybe they forgot about you, or maybe they just need a reminder of how awesome your stuff is. Let them know whats changed, new products you've added, and more, to bring them back into your funnel.

Honorable Mention: Expected Date of Next Order Flow/Replenishment Flow

This type of flow only really works for products that need to be re-purchased in the 30-60 days after the initial purchase— think a 24 pack of energy drinks, 24 pack of protein bars, 30-day supply of protein, etc. Depending on the flow setup, this can either be timed to send to customers when their items are almost gone OR can send emails to people who are likely to repurchase according to Klaviyo's AI. This flow should be all about ease, convenience, value/benefits, and in some cases, an offer.

Implementing These Flows in Klaviyo

Klaviyo’s platform makes setting up these flows relatively straightforward, thanks to its deep integration with e-commerce platforms, user-friendly interface, and robust segmentation capabilities. Remember, the key to success with email automation is continuous testing and optimization. Regularly review your email performance metrics, experiment with different subject lines, content, and offers, and adjust your strategies based on what resonates with your audience.

Effective email marketing automation is about more than just selling; it’s about creating personalized, timely interactions that enhance the customer experience and build lasting relationships. By implementing these seven essential flows in Klaviyo, you can take a significant step toward achieving those goals.

If you need help setting up any of these flows, use the section below to reach out and we can help you get these flows up and running for you brand.

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